Engineer Internship (F/M)

Location: La Défense

Contract: Internship (3 to 6 months) - ASAP

Diploma: Diploma of Higher Education / Bac +3

Job description

We are looking for a Demo Engineer trainee to help our product and sales teams to demonstrate the functionality and power of our fraud detection solution, to collect feedback on potential features and to help Bleckwen to develop the best solution to protect banks and their customers from financial crime.
As a Demo Engineer trainee at Bleckwen, you will evolve in a pre-sales context in the fintech world. You will design and develop new strategic tools and resources, while acquiring skills that can be leveraged in a career in Product, Engineering or Sales functions.

Main Missions 
  • Collect the needs of the Product and Sales teams to establish or specify storyboards describing the user scenarios that Bleckwen wishes to illustrate through demonstrations
  • Designing and developing web/mobile demo applications, or other demo media (e.g. live mock-up)
    Collaborate with the engineering team to study the possibility of reusing components of the Bleckwen solution, connecting to existing APIs, etc
  • Deploy these applications in the cloud
  • Communicate and provide support to Product and Sales teams around the demonstration environments
  • Exploit and enrich example data generators
  • Propose improvements, maintain and enrich existing demos

Required Profile

Experience and Knowledge Required
  • Git, HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Web application development, API integration
  • Attention to detail
Nice to have 
  • Javascript Framework / Typescript, ex: Angular, React
  • Mobile development
  • JVM language (ex: Java, Scala, Kotlin)
  • Mockup creation tool, ex: Photoshop, Sketch
  • Fluent in English
Conduct of Interviews
  • 1st contact with the Chief People Officer (CPO)
  • Technical interview with one or more members of the  team

International Women day 2020 - Discover Bleckwen tech team's angels.

On the International Women’s day, Bleckwen wants to spotlight 3 women from the Tech team, fully committed to make Bleckwen the market leading financial crime detection solution!


Nina, Data Scientist & software engineer at Bleckwen, is currently working on the Machine Learning models training and the platform developments.

1. What can you tell us about your professional background?

Once graduated from INSA (Toulouse – France), I started my career as a Data Science consultant to work on a wide range of projects and to quickly gain a wide experience. At that time, I co-founded the association “Paris DataLadies” meetups to promote women in the Data industry by offering them the opportunity to present their projects in front of an audience. Those meetups are a good way to facilitate exchanges and to encourage gender diversity in the working world, especially in technical and scientific fields.  After 3 years as a consultant, I realised that I needed to participate in a longer-term project and to invest myself in the development of a technically challenging product. I was especially motivated by joining a project that would that include Machine Learning in production. That’s why I joined Bleckwen 2 years ago…

2. What makes you get up each morning?

Every day at Bleckwen is a new challenge: we are moving apace. We face interesting technical challenges which include: new technologies, new languages, we reflect as a team on best development practices and about the lifecycle of a model in production. I also acknowledge that the Bleckwen team is playing a great role for me, because it is made up of brilliant and passionate people who have created a great working environment.

3. Women in Tech: a good choice?

From the very beginning, I chose a career in tech because I was passionate about Data Science. Looking back, it’s no regrets: everything evolves quickly, so you’re always learning when you embrace this sector.

4. The music you listen when you are working?


Best Of Tarantino Soundtracks 1992-1997




MANAR, Data Scientist & software engineer at Bleckwen, is working on Machine Learning models integration to the platform.

1. Why did you become a Data Scientist?

Since I was young, I was passionate about mathematics and then I discovered I also had a fascination for computer science. Data science was an evidence for me because it allowed me to marry my two passions. Moreover, it is a rapidly developing sector that covers multiple fields of application: many opportunities are open!

2. Why did you join Bleckwen?

I met Leonardo Noleto (nb: Head of DataScience at Bleckwen) during a recruitment event called DataJob in Paris, two years ago. We started a passionate discussion about the interpretability of Machine Learning models. The next day, I sent my application for an internship and finally, I was offered a position after that.

At Bleckwen, I really appreciate the importance given to research and innovation, especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The size of the company and its start-up mindset enables everyone to express his or her opinion, to actively participate in the decision-making process and the design of the solution. It is a very stimulating working environment.

3. Women in Tech: a good choice?

Absolutely! If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing! Science, unlike one might think, requires a certain form of creativity. The projects I’m working on are constantly evolving, you have to stay open and tuned in: I’m never bored and it’s very motivating!

4. The music you listen when you are working?


Wake up sister – Pavlov Stelar




WAFA, front end software engineer, is working on the user interface development.

1. What can you tell us about your professional background?

I have a degree in Telecommunication and Computer Network Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Computer Development. I love Computer Science and during my studies I worked as a Design Engineer at SIMSU-UGA before joining Bleckwen.

2. Why did you join Bleckwen?

I was impressed by the central place given to the customer’s voice in the platform development process. The Bleckwen solution was co-built with a leading Tier One bank (you may read on it “Designed for banks with banks“). This is not just a buzzword but a real commitment of the whole team to solve our customers’ problems and to support them in the use of the solution. So my work is meaningful for our customers and this is extremely rewarding and motivating for me! Last but not least, Bleckwen’s team is fantastic: highly talented and motivated colleagues who have created a very positive and dynamic work environment.

3. Women in Tech: a good choice?

Very early in my studies, I was attracted to technology. It’s a dynamic sector that opens up great prospects for evolution to everyone, as long as you love what you are doing! Don’t hesitate to take the leap!

4. The music you listen when you are working?

Best Relaxing Piano Studio Ghibli Collection


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