Location: La Défense

Contract: Long Term / CDI

Diploma: Diploma of Higher Education / Bac +2

Work Experience: 2 years

Remote Working: Occasional

Job description

As a real interface between our R&D team and our customers, you will provide project support and will be in the front line to meet our customers’ expectations. You have the role of an integrator in order to deploy our anti-fraud solution in compliance with the constraints of precision, quality and deadlines. You will also provide customer support for our entire solution.

Main Missions 
  • Deployment of our software solutions on customer site
  • Interaction with IT customers for integration into the customer environment
  • Assistance to internal and external project teams
  • Updating the platform when upgrading to a new version
  • Training / Transfer of skills to Clients.
As part of the support
  • Analysis and resolution of customer incidents
  • Coordination with R&D and customer teams in the monitoring and management of customer tickets
  • Enrichment of knowledge bases (Forum, customer fleet management)
  • Monitoring of the use of solutions at the customer’s premises and strength of proposal for improvements
  • Technological monitoring to be carried out

Required Profile

In a context of advanced technologies, the profile sought must have:

  • Autonomy in the installation and management of complex systems
  • A strong taste for technology
  • Recognized skills in software support and development
  • An experience in producing solutions in IT environments internally or in Cloud mode
  • High communication, listening, synthesis and adaptability skills in response to customer requirements
  • The ability to diagnose anomalies reported by the customer and propose a solution as quickly as possible, then support its implementation
Experience and Knowledge Required
  • Linux systems
  • Experience on BIG DATA environments
  • Scripting Ansible]
  • Knowledge of shell scripting language
  • Knowledge of at least one language among Scala or JAVA
  • Knowledge of relational databases
  • Written/oral communication French/English
  • Knowledge of production tools and monitoring
  • Experience with the Apache Flink framework, a deployment tool such as Docker, Kubernetes,
    a low-latency data manipulation tool such as Kafka would be a plus
Conduct of Interviews
  • 1st contact with the Chief People Officer (CPO)
  • Technical interview with one or more members of the operations team