Stay ahead of emerging fraud threats with AI


Webinar Capgemini/Bleckwen on AI to detect fraud

Financial crime is a fast-growing problem for banks, financial institutions and financial services firms. With the scale and sophistication of criminal activity on the rise, and regulatory scrutiny and penalties increasing, firms are under pressure to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their efforts to tackle fraud.

Watch this webinar to discover:

  • How fraud schemes have evolved over the past few years
  • Why rules-based systems have proven to be insufficient for some cases
  • How Machine Learning and Behavioral Analysis can meet fraud detection challenges

Yannick Martel (Vice President, Artificial Intelligence & Analytics at Capgemini) and François de Pimodan (Business Development Director at Bleckwen) will discuss their experiences in various areas such as benefit fraud and bank fraud, giving insights from operational business cases.

Total recording: 31 min

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