Financial crime is increasingly complex and banks need to adapt to meet the threats

Fraud is constantly evolving and requires financial institutions to be ever more vigilant. Criminals are creative, collaborative, well-funded and technologically advanced and will try to mimic your best customers. They increasingly hide behind the convergence of digital banking and fast payment networks and are therefore extremely hard to detect.


in losses to financial crime


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largest GDP in the world if Crimeland was a country


increase in fraud activity each year


Next-generation fraud detection powered by Explainable AI gives financial institutions the tools to fight back

Our solution provides an effective and robust response against financial crime.Combining advances in the latest AI algorithmic techniques with real-time eventstreaming technologies and the expertise of our team delivers cutting-edge fraudresponse capabilities to our clients.

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Higher Detection Rate

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Reduced TCO

Real Time & Open Banking Ready

Spots All Types of Fraud

Learns in Real Time, Adapting to New Fraud Patterns


Tier 1 and challenger banks are choosing Bleckwen


Find a depth of rich functionalities for all your Fraud Team to make them highly productive

Real time Machine Learning performance

Bleckwen provides you with the best in class infrastructure for real time decision. Our solution manages 10 000 transaction per second with an average latency of 25ms. Combine with Machine Learning to improve your fraud detection rate and your customer satisfaction while reducing dramatically your fraud losses.

Case management with Explainable AI

At Bleckwen, we believe that true accuracy in fraud detection requires collaboration between Machine Learning and Human judgement. Through our user-friendly interface, Explainable AI approach highlight the reasons why the alert has been generated. You don’t have to trust a black box, but you can take faster and informed decisions.

Get a full picture of your fraud management activity

As a fraud manager, get the most important KPI to follow your team’s performance with operational dashboards. Turn also this data into deeper and custom analysis in your internal BI solution.

Set your own rules

Manage your own business rules and Machine Learning model lifecycle directly in our interface for a faster and efficient response to fraud threats. Our simulation feature helps you to test and validate your settings in order to get the best result in your fraud detection effort.

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