Designed with banks for banks, Bleckwen detects the most sophisticated frauds in real time.


A.I with explainability drives down the cost of fraud detection, and builds customer trust.


Take advantage of the possibilities of real-time open banking with our future-proof solution.


All payment types, channel-agnostic, cloud or on-premise, rules or AI: we offer the ultimate flexibility in our technical deployment.

They trust us

Bleckwen is proud to have among our customersand partners:

Bleckwen is a proven fraud detection system that helps financial institutions build trust with customers

Behind every crime, there is a victim. This challenge drives our passion to leverage the experience and expertise of everybody at Bleckwen in helping our clients in their fight against financial crime. Our comitment in solving this problem and the effectiveness of our solution has been recognised by the European Banking Association, which awarded us its EBA Fintech for 2019.

Discover how Bleckwen is different  


Bleckwen get the support of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Bleckwen has received the European Regional Development Fund in recognition of its R&D effort, investing in state-of-the-art explainable AI-based systems for use in financial crime detection.

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AI Fraud and AML Summit

Take your seat for a live demo of Bleckwen's AI-based fraud detection solution during the world's first focused AI for Fraud & AML Summit.

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Authorised Push Payment Fraud : the perfect storm that devastates lives

The rise of Faster Payments networks and growing customer expectations of a friction-free banking experience is creating the ideal conditions for APP Fraud. Learn how to defeat them.

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